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Jane was a smart woman. It had not taken her long to deduce that there was something in the food they were giving her that was making her drowsy. It didn't knock her out completely, but it made her brain fuzzy, like it was full of cotton balls. It was hard to think or plot or plan. She dozed on and off to the point where she was no longer sure how many days she had been in her tiny room.

Once she figured it out, she stopped eating. She broke everything they gave her into pieces and flushed them down the toilet, and she kept hoarding the water bottles under her bed. She did not know how long she could hold out, but for the moment, her desire to be alert and aware of her surroundings outweighed her hunger.

She looked up at the sound of the door being unlocked. Mealtime again. It was the only way she had to measure the days, since she could not see the sky. As she had done the previous times, she put on a smile and prepared herself to try once again to talk to the person carrying the tray. They never answered her. They rarely even looked at her. That didn't matter.

Her smile disappeared when she saw who had the tray this time. Loki.
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Lukin returned to the temporary office he was forced to work from on this blasted drilling platform, sitting behind his desk and opening up a laptop to display a selection of camera feeds, including one hidden in a corner of Jane Foster’s cell. He’d ordered security cameras installed on the platform before his arrival, which had gone up at the same time as the strange little boxes he’d had placed at certain key points around the massive structure. They workers had been told by their supervisor that they were sensitive new monitoring equipment, and the cameras were there to corroborate any notable data.

It was a lie, of course. The cameras were there because he’d been told out of the blue that he was going to have to deal with the kidnapping of the god of thunder’s lover, and he didn’t know who or what might come to try to rescue her. He wanted to have some advance warning if by chance the rescue was done stealthily, though he doubted that would be the case.

The mystery devices, meanwhile, were there to ensure that even if Loki's unknown plan for this place failed, it still wouldn’t be a total loss. In absence of clear and direct orders, he’d been left to prepare as he saw fit. He’d done what little he could to secure the facility on short notice, and now he would wait. His bodyguards were on shifts elsewhere in the facility, watching the security feeds, but he didn’t trust them to not miss something. They weren't trained to his exacting standards, and he hadn't had the time to change that. Despite the power of his current position, he still missed having the regimented and well-ordered resources of a military organization at his command.

He took out a few reports to read over, glancing occasionally at the feeds on the monitor. For now, at least, the prisoner was quiet. It seemed like the sedatives in her food had done their work.

08 August 2012 @ 04:41 am
Tony figured he'd been in California long enough. With some assistance from Bruce, he'd accomplished exactly what he'd wanted to do - and then some. It was time to go back home to New York.

Truthfully, he didn't feel much different. The injection had worked perfectly. All of his levels were reading stable, everything that was meant to be increased had been, and, of course, the technological upgrading was a vast success. At first at it had been weird, communicating with his tech - with all tech, really, it seemed - with nothing more than a direct link from his mind. It was the sort of shit from a science fiction novel. But, then again, their lives weren't ever exactly "normal" to start with.

No. Tony was no longer going to be the odd man out. No longer just a man in a suit, but the suit and he were truly, finally, completely one. And soon he'd be able to do a full reactor removal, and wouldn't that just be ... Great.

He stepped into the tower and hauled his new suits up to his work space. Of course, the only people who knew about Tony and the Extremis program were Bruce and JARVIS, and he had every intention of keeping it that way.
28 June 2012 @ 08:45 pm
Pepper had called it, off-hand, a mid-life crisis. Tony wasn't sure if he believed in those things, but he supposed that between the way he was feeling and the hair cut that he probably fit the bill somehow. Regardless of what it is, he just felt as though he needed to get away.

Setting up the flight back to California had been the easiest part. It was saying goodbye to everyone - Pepper, Bruce, Happy, the rest of these people that had somehow become his friends - that was proving a lot harder than usual. If he had it his way, Tony would just leave. No word of explanation, no promise of anything except that he'd come back one day. But that would probably be rude.

Besides, he made sure to let Pepper know that he was available through phone calls if they needed to make sure he was alive. And, sure, if they needed Iron Man, he'd be there. But right now some solitude sounded absolutely perfect, so he poured himself one last mug of coffee and sat down to absently read the paper.
26 June 2012 @ 01:31 pm
Loki has definitely been a busy boy since he left Asgard for the second time. Running into enemies of enemies, setting things up, causing chaos. Subtly, of course. There was honestly no reason anyone should suspect he was back on Midgard.

Except this. This would, no doubt, change that. But it doesn't matter. All his subtleties are done. He's ready to play, and what a game it will be.

It's not hard to track the girl down. He still has ways of getting information when he needs it. Once he learns her address, it's easy enough to track her. While she's away at work, he lets himself into her apartment and examines it minutely. No hidden objects, nothing that could be a danger. Nothing that could tip the others off too soon. Good. Just to be on the safe side, though, he sends out a small burst of magic, just enough to disable anything electronic, anything that could hinder his plans. If anyone besides Jane shows up, he'll simply disappear.

He makes himself some tea, then waits in the living room, making himself at home. It shouldn't be long before she's home, and that's when the fun will start. He thinks, for a fleeting second, of what Thor's reaction will be, but he pushes such thoughts aside. He won't allow anything to distract him.
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Sometimes, when boxing and driving failed, be it at relieving stress, bringing sleep, or comforting someone, Happy turned to food. That went almost doubly for himself, and if there was one thing that he could cook without thinking too much it was mac 'n' cheese, Hogan style. Yellow cheddar, white cheddar, mozzarella, Asiago, Gruyere, monterey jack, Muenster, Velveeta. Thick-cut bacon. Frozen peas. Maybe some freshly cut tomato. These were the makings of true comfort food, and Happy could whip them into melty, baked goodness while practically asleep. In fact, he had done so more than once.

And while his apartment did have its own very nice, very functional, state of the art kitchen, at some point over the years of working for Tony, Happy had fallen into a habit of using whatever Stark kitchen was available instead. Which was how he found himself in Stark Tower at three in the morning, his Javelin safely parked in the employee garage, grating cheese in Tony's dimly lit, rarely used, all too fancy kitchen. He had some quiet, late night jazz radio station playing in the background, and could already feel the tension that was preventing him from sleeping melting away.
Jane was having a hard time deciding where she wanted to go first. Her bag was stuffed with brochures she'd gotten from the hotel down the block from her new apartment. At the moment, however, she was finding the scenery more distracting.

She'd crossed the street and headed straight for the park as soon as she'd caught sight of the first tree.  This was so different from was she was used to, but much more like what she'd grown up with. She hadn't even realized how much she missed seasons until now.

She purchased a bottle of water from a street vendor before venturing into the park, slowly strolling, enjoying the scenery and people watching - and doing her best NOT to think about the fact that Thor had so recently been close to where she was now, and she had been time zones away. Thor, and his brother, and the other Avengers - and a portal that, if she'd been able to study, would have been the scientific breakthrough of a lifetime.
16 June 2012 @ 12:27 pm

Roxxon logo
June 16, 2012 12:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Roxxon Energy Names Aleksander Lukin as Chief Executive Officer

Former Kronas President to Focus on Exploration, Research and Development, and Investment in Emerging Technologies

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13 June 2012 @ 02:38 pm
Twenty four years old today, and working as a gopher in one of the most elite government branches in the world. As far as Darcy was concerned that gave her every single reason to have a giant party. She’d conveniently had a short day of work, grabbed a couple bottles of Tequila and some cases of beer on her way home, called everyone she knew, and had made fast work of cleaning her tiny little apartment.
She really didn’t need Thor to see her bras hanging off door handles, or anyone tripping over the insane amount of shoes she’d acquired since joining Jane here in the big apple. So she flittered around, back and forth, cleaning and trying to gussy herself up a little before anyone arrived, and managed to knock herself in the face by tripping over one of those damned shoes.
Fantastic. The accompanying narration of Awolnations Sail as she biffed it was really not appreciated, and she could hear footsteps in the hall.
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